How to play old school RuneScape as a returning player?

RuneScape is a very popular game played by the MMO player. You can play this game on both your PC and mobile phone because of its new leap into the mobile version. Now you can play the game from any place at any time with the help of your mobile phones and this has made many old-school RuneScape players return back to the game who had discontinued the game as they only had to play it with the help of PC which was not much convenient for everyone.

While playing this game you need to keep in mind that the basic gameplay will always be similar even if gets upgraded. But there are certain things that might be problematic for you in the beginning. So here is some guidance on how to play properly when you return back as a player of old-school RuneScape.

mini guide for play old school runescape

A mini guide on Old School RuneScape game

1.If you are finding it quite difficult to play the new game then you can definitely download the old school RuneScape of the older version. Because in the new version you can find many things which have changed vigorously.

2.When you will start playing the game the very first thing which will fall in your eyes is their user interface that has changed itself dramatically in the past few years. If you want to play it like before then you can easily enable the Legacy interface mode by going into the settings in the game. In order to enjoy the old combat you can switch to this mode and hence you won’t have to depend on the changes regarding the evolution of combat.

3.When you will join the game the very first thing that you need to do is join the clan and meet with new friends which is going to be very much beneficial in your case. There are many players who have also returned to this game just like you and some other who are playing it for a long time. You can easily talk to these friends and ask anything regarding your concern. You can also check for the clans who are recruiting currently in order to get yourself in there.

4.The very first thing that you need to do is concentrate on the daily challenges and completes it. In this way, you will also get some gold coins that is the currency of this game. You need to continuously upgrade everything and participate in various challenges in order to level up quickly and play like a professional player.

5.Don’t try to get yourself included in every activity and try to observe the game in the beginning. Being in hurry can ruin the game.

6.Jagex has made a lot of evolution in the combat section of RuneScape and which is why not everyone is interested in returning to the RuneScape game. Hence you can easily stick to the old RuneScape game.

7.You can also opt for the combat academy where you will be taught regarding the fundamentals of each combat systems used in the current version.

8.Quest is one of the important things of this game. With the help of this quests, can easily gain a lot of experience as well as a useful item that will help you to level up.

To play the game properly you will have to select a good troop and keep upgrading them so that they can easily win the matches. In the new version, you can find many new cities or places. There are also new skills which are being added to the game like the definition, invention, dungeoneering etc. When you will go back to the game you need to do a thorough research regarding the new changes. In the official page, you will get the maximum information.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the PC version and the mobile version so if you return back to the game after a long time then you can definitely opt for the mobile version which may be simpler for you to master. One of the most important parts is the gold coins that are going to be your savior in every condition during this game so make sure you are earning a lot of it and not wasting them.

Above is the mini guide for old school runescape return players, We are welcome every Runescape players and if you want buy some OSRS gold or RS 3 Gold we can offer the cheapest price for you.