Old school RuneScape game newbies guide

Old school RuneScape is one of the popular games that are played by millions of user. It is an addictive game which needs to get strategized for reaching the higher level. If you are a newbie then go through the terms which are mentioned below.

Old school RuneScape game newbies guide

Major cities and locations in OSRS world

  • Tutorial Island:You will be on this Island when the game will begin. Here you will be given a brief introduction for 20 minutes which is actually a tutorial that will cover all the aspect of this game.
  • Lumbridge: You will get into the city after you complete the tutorial Island. You will be getting a different kind of quest which will start with this Lumbridge. Here you can find many general stores to the bank which are located on this Lumbridge castle 3rd floor.
  • Varrock: It is one of the most vital cities of RuneScape. It is actually the home to Grand exchange, trading service with the help of which you can easily by buying or selling items that will match with the requirement of another player. You can find a different kind of quest and is also the home to the aubury which is actually used for teleporting to rune essence.
  • Falador: It is considered as the major city which stands the second after varrock. It is actually a home to many vital quests, two banks, party room, with the furnace that is actually used for the smelting of ores.
  • Draynor Village:It is a small town which is located to the south of the Varrock or and to the left of the Lumbridge. It is mainly used for the wood cutting of the willow trees and is a great spot for fishing.
  • Al Kharid: Itis one of the biggest locations in this game and it is a deserted town which is located to the east of the Lumbridge. For entering the gates you will have to pay an amount of 10 GP to the guards. Here you can find many important quests and a large number of guards.

These are considered to be enough for the beginners.

Key terms used in Runescape game

  • Noob:It is actually referred to the new player and it is not a kind of offensive word in this game but if you feel offended then you can easily report them without any hesitation.
  • NPC:It is actually a non-player character with whom you can easily interact. These are the store owners, bankers, and all the other characters in this game.
  • Monster:It is for the characters with whom you will have to fight and it includes cows, chickens, rats, man or woman.
  • GP: It is the gold pieces which are used as a currency in this game. The Monsters will drop GP throughout this game.
  • Tele: It is a short form of teleport and a player can easily teleport in this game and go to various locations after being trained with the magical skills. You will learn about teleporting in the future guide.
  • XP:It is the short form of experience points which you will gain and it will help the player to get close to the upcoming level.

Skills in this Old School Runescape

  • Attack:It will determine the chance of making any kind of damage to the opponent. It will indicate your level of attack and you will start to use all the stronger weapons while using the skill.
  • Strength:It is a count of the amount of the damage which is done by you on the opponent.
  • Defense:It will determine both the count of damage and the likelihood of damage which you can do to the opponent. When your level of defense will increase you will be wearing strong armor.
  • Ranged: It is a type of combat skill which includes arrows or bow or crossbows with bolts in order to fight the enemy.
  • Magic:You can use a different kind of spells for defeating or ruining the opponent. It is one of the fastest ways of attacking your opponent and the player will receive a particular amount of the XP after casting any spell.
  • Prayer:In order to boost the abilities in the combat a player can easily use a different kind of prayers. Prayers are actually done when all the bones of different categories are buried. These bones are dropped by the monsters. These bones are actually dropped by every kind of monster including the low level.

These are some basic terms which you should get well acquainted with while playing the game if you are a newbie. For more tips and news about OSRS game, you can come to Runescapeah.com we also provide with cheap price of OSRS gold for Runescape players!