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RuneScape is a popular game that was published and develops by the Jagex and was released in the year 2001. It is actually the browser game which was built using the Java programming. This game has near about 2 million numbers of accounts and hence has its name in the Guinness World Record Book.

It is a medieval fantasy game where the game will start from the world of the Gielinor and the entire Kingdom will be divided into smaller kingdoms, cities, or regions. For proceeding in this game, you will need different kinds of weapon to fight the enemies. Today We-Runescapeah.com will show you some simple introduction about the weapons in RS game world. The weapons which are available in RuneScape are mentioned below.

runescape weapons guide by runescapeah.com

Weapons used in Runescape

Dagger: It is probably the cheapest as well as the fastest when it comes to a melee weapon. If you want to buy a weapon by keeping a low budget then it is the best choice. it is the very first weapon which you can acquire after you get the access to the new metal.

Hatchet: This weapon is mainly intended for doing the wood cutting. In this game, it is recommended not to use the pickaxe or hatchet as weapons because of their ability to damage every second is quite low.

Pickaxe: This weapon is intended for doing mining and it has a very low damage causing power.

Sword: This weapon is quite uncommonly seen. Its pace is slower in comparison to the dagger but it can easily hit harder when it comes to compensating and hence it is considered as useful.

Mace: It is as fast as the dagger and it is considered to be unique unlike the other weapons of a particular metal. if you use the prayer heavily for the scenario especially player killing then it will be the best weapon for you.

Scimitar: It is one of the most popular weapons in this game and it can hit just like the dagger or mace. This weapon is equally weak and is quite expensive when it comes to other weapon and it will not carry any kind of bonus that is related to latter prayers.

Longsword: This weapon is slower when compared to dagger but can cause high damage with every hit. The speed of this weapon is slower when compared to the schemata and the material is same with the shortsword except for the flashing impact and it causes stabbing. It can cause extra damage.

Warhammer: This is one of the most powerful weapons which are incomparable in terms of speed but the damage causing capability is comparatively low. People avoid using this weapon because of its slow pace.

Battleaxe: It is quite similar to the Warhammer because the same metal is used and it causes the slashing impact instead of the crushing. It has a very slow speed which is quite uncommon.

Two-handed swords: This is the most powerful among the basic weapons and it mainly sacrifices the speed. If you have the two-handed ability then you can easily use this weapon as it causes a high amount of damage.

Halberd: This weapon is basically for the members of two-handed and is quite strong and comes with a unique ability for reaching the small obstacles.

Claws: This is a type of slashing weapon which is quite identical in terms of functionality like the schemata and the only difference is that it is Cosmetic.

Maul: It is one of the most powerful weapons for the two-handed and you can get it in the daemonheim. It is also awarded from that dungeoneering.

Whip:It is a unique kind of uncommon weapon whose function is similar to the scimitar and it can easily compensate the low hits.

Rapier: You can find this in the daemonheim and there are other types of rapiers like the drygore and chaotic. Both of these are identical with the shortsword.

Defender: Defender is an equipment offhand which will need both the defensive and offensive bonuses. You won’t be able to trade them and you can easily obtain them sequentially and it will be started with the lowest tier.

These weapons will help the player to play the game easily. Make sure to master the weapons properly. The above is the RS game weapons introduction hope this article can make you know more about the Runescape game, if you want buy OSRS gold or RS 3 gold you can also choose us-Runescapeah.com!