How to Earn Money By Woodcutting in RuneScape

Woodcutting is one of an all-accepted skills among RuneScape players in that when run from trees are everywhere. Woodcutting is also the best means to start as long as you wish to gain some decent money at low levels.

Woodcutting can also be used for firemaking and fletching, which is a members skill. They are wasted, but you will be able to get a higher level of firemaking if you burn logs. Other Uses for normal log with fletching is to make the arrow shaft.  All the other log is restricted to making all kinds of projects.

Woodcutting is a skill that bring you much profits you have to get a high level of carpentry to start making some decent money, and your dedication can make millions.



Level 1-15- Normal Trees

Obviously, at level 1-15, really nothing can let you from normal cut down the tree. Although the tree will not sell at high prices, but also can earn a little money. These trees can be get all near the runescape, you should not find some at once. You also do not lack of each stock, about 2 to 3k.

Level 15-30- Oak Trees

When you have levels more than 15 you are allowed to chop oak trees and can make more money than ordinary trees. There are some oak trees outside the Grand Exchange and Draynor Village. In such condition, we suggest you to choose one of these places from your own area. Just keep applying this way you will gradually earning some real money.

Levels 30-35 - Willow logs

The southern part ight by the fishing spot on the ocean of Draynor banks might be the perfect place to chop willow logs. However, if there are two crowded with a large number of people there, you can go north to RS village bank and seal.

Level 36 to 60

You should be able to chop willows fast enough from this level. South of the bank of the Draynor Village is the best place to do so for Free players while it is not the same for Members. Willow logs can be a very good money machine used to lower levels, up to 25k per hour other good attractions include: red minton, in Hong Kong, south of port in east and west of the championship next to the guild, unfortunately, because there is no bank nearby, these points are the second rate, but if you go on when being discarded or burn your log, these places are never crowded, so is FA to play good R members, there are a lot of ms willows by the lake is located in Taverley again, no convenient bank record, so this place good er to burn wood.

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