Runescape 3 simple guide for free to play(F2P) players

RuneScape are MMORPG games and many players can play it at one time. This is a fantasy and adventurous game. Every third person in the world plays this game. This game gives you the next level of adventure. It is the most liked game on the internet and having more than 200 million accounts. It has Created Guinness world records by having so many players. This game is totally web browser based game which gives you a new flavor of online gaming.

runescape 3 guide for f2p players

Areas opening for F2P

There are many areas which are only opening in the F2P. These options are open just after the updating of the game. These options are-

  • Fletching with many players at one time.
  • Even, free players will join you or play against you
  • Truth boots and basilisk boots will automatically change from tank to powerful weapons.
  • There are two hidden dragons are there one is of green color and the second one is of blue color.
  • The next level of wilderness you feel in this game. At the higher level of this game, one can get free to play option.
  • Green dragon will be easily visible while blue ones are only present in the area of Chaos Altar.
  • Both the red and green dragons are attackable.

The guide which helps you in the game

Let’s begin with the beginning, start this game with the help of a minimap. The minimap will guide you about your surroundings, and it has two major functions also- one is Home teleport and the second one is the world map.

  • Home teleport- This map will help you to go back to your lodestone, but for this, you have to activate it.
  • World map- Simply activates the world map and easily finds your next coming adventure.  After that, use the filtering option to filter the unnecessary things form your adventure.
  • 3 guide for F2P: Journey to the fantasy world of adventure and joins the number of people in this game. In this game, you get battle dragons, weapons, magic and much more to do in this game. This is the one of the largest played online game in the history of internet gaming.

The best feature of this game is F2P MMORPG; this can provide a free 3d online gaming. Getting started on old school runescape from the beginning- First, you have to create an account under this game, after that, you will start showing on the Ashdale. At Ashdale, you can easily control everything related to this game.

The biggest benefit to playing this game is to get higher status, and you can participate in the next higher level of this game. The world of Runescape is quite open and vast, to decide the difficulty of this game. Once you complete the study of their tutorial and then you are ready to play this exciting game.

RuneScape are MMORPG and is the adventurous game which is played by multi-players at a time. This game is the most popular internet game, and in this game, you can earn points and RS gold/OSRS gold.

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