Runescape New Weapons for Cavern of Tainted Memories

Step into Burthorpe till February 12 and input RuneScape Cavern with polluted memories, appreciating a new cave full of filthy small wisp ready to reap! Every day you have the liberty to go to Kraft, rewards incorporate some new clean weapons. Here is the detail.

When Cavern of Tainted Memories Start?

By Feb. 7 to Feb. 12, 2018, RuneScape Cavern with Blot Memories. In this promotion, you can enter the cave 2 minutes and 30 minutes, then accumulated a high number of filth. You are able to do it during this time. You receive a free opportunity per day in the cave and you can win an additional Treasure Hunter Award in 5 times.



Enjoy RuneScape Cavern of Tainted Memories?

In the cave, you will find polluted elf ready to harvest. Collect energy and make sure to stand at the position of moving the green multiplier to get more rewards. If you don't need to create the immortal XP, chatting with Kristlin, Kristlin can turn it to some mysterious rewards. Also notice the chronicle from the cave, that holds a lot of money and may be triggered from only a couple of steps away.

In the cave, you'll find the contaminated elf is ready to harvest. Gather energy and be sure you stand in the position of moving the green multiplier to get more rewards. Not searching for divination XP? Chat with Kristen, he can turn XP into a mysterious benefits.

Be careful too about the chronicles from the caves - they hold a lot of cash and can be activated from just a few steps away.

Once you're done, use the energy of the contamination to make your own rewards, such as new clean weapons.

The new weapons are as follows:

  • Main and off-hand swords
  • 2H sword
  • Main and off-hand Crossbows
  • 2H Crossbow
  • Longbow
  • Staff
  • Wand
  • Orb
  • Halberd

You could also find additional pollution energy when training divination, but for the energy you get out of RuneScapk Cavern stained. Enjoy our promotions at runescapeah and the cheap RuneScapa Gold!

Treasure Hunter may play games from inside, allowing players to utilize the keys to apply for in-game items as prizes. These weapons range from useful resources to infrequent weapons and specialized equipment.

Play Treasure Hunt Click here on the treasure chest icon to pop up when you log in. If you haven't played before, just follow the instructions on the screen.

Everyone gets at least one key per day, and RuneScape members receive two keys.

In case you desire more, you may also buy the keys on the website, or click on the treasure hunter port within the 'Buy Key' in the game.