Tactics on How to Utilize Your Clan in RuneScape

What are Clans?

Clans are made up of players who know each other and play RuneScape together and completing tasks together. Clans is a group combined by the above players. The most successful clans are still together, now since it have been created, thanks to their community spirit and love for adventurous.

Of course, to join a clan out of fun of a tribe is mainly deal with challenges together specific family events during RuneScape appear constantly, including large respected events, such as jagex Clan. All information involving clans are stored in a database in the game. From the in-game data you can still find out whether it is the clan you have join in or you have created.


Utilize your Clans

Understand the Kill Rate - Also Known as KR

Kill Rate represents the number of players in your opponent team that you are allowed to kill in a certain time. Kill Rate also known as KP as its abbreviation. Usually it is the clan with higher Kill Rate have more tendency to win the battle since they have more members in the clan and also because they have the ability to wipe out more enemies in a shorter amount of time. From this aspect we can conclude that as long as you have higher Kill Rate you will be more successful at clan wars. So players would better gain more KR during usual game playing.

If you've ever attended a clan war of the playoffs, you will notice that there is frequent talk of a fall everyone followed him at the beginning of the battle. There should be at least two or three such people in your clan team. They should be at a high level, the clan war, and was able to tank attack from many people. Leaders of a clan are supposed to combine all players together and to know clearly what to do when facing various situations. All leaders should be with high intelligence especially the first person of your clan since he may decide whether your team is going to win the game or to lose the game.

Try to aim at an independent person, rather than on a giant white dot, so that players can clearly know who attack adhesive also need to ensure that they are constantly binds people leaders who choose accumulation, so that they don't run into a pile of white spots Remember, driving is very important, if your team know how to heap is good, you will win a lot of fight. You can be so for leader first is risky but may be better.

Extra Tips and Tactics

Remember it’s better to have high leveled players, experienced fighters and your team must be well organized. If you have do all this, you are going to be more successful against inexperienced clans. It is note the number of your team that make decision on the win or lose of your clan but the number of experienced players in your team.

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